Let Your Kids Explore Their Imagination

Bring them by our interactive playground in Abilene, TX

It's a fact - children need to play in order to grow up healthy and happy. Arcades, iPads and phones are fun distractions, but screens don't afford the same benefits as in-person activities. Encourage your children to explore the physical world by bringing them to Imagination City in Abilene, TX. We're a 2,200-square-foot local indoor playground that's essentially a miniature town for children to explore. We are family-focused and family-owned, making our interactive playground as safe as it is fun.

Discover the benefits of our interactive playground by bringing your children to us today.

This is an experience your kids won't want to miss

You can get more from our local indoor playground than just a novel experience. We encourage families to visit us for:

Make Imagination City your choice of playground. We know you'll have an amazing time with us, no matter the occasion.

Have fun without needing a screen

One of the biggest benefits you'll get from visiting our interactive playground is teaching your children how to play without a screen. In-person play can help children develop in-person skills like communication, conflict resolution, sharing and consent. Not only that, but our massive playground truly lets children explore their imagination. Be it playing cops and robbers at our police office or pirates on our pirate ship, children will discover the beauty of their own creativity the more they play.

Watch your children have the time of their lives at our local indoor playground.

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